Canine Therapeutic Massage Muscles Injury Strain Rehabilitation Trigger Points
Canine Therapeutic Massage Muscles Injury Strain Rehabilitation Trigger Points

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Whether you own a small breed or giant breed of dog, have owned your dog since a puppy or you own a rescue dog, activities of daily life take their toll on your dogs vast and complex muscular system.  Jumping in and out of the car, running up and down the stairs, slipping on a walk or simply having a play with a best buddy can cause soft tissue injuries and issues.


If you have ever suffered with back pain, a sore neck, or incurred an injury that has caused you difficulties with carrying out your every day activities, then I am sure you can appreciate how debilitating this is.  Dogs are just the same, they feel pain too, and an injury or an accident that has affected their soft tissues can cause them difficulties with their daily activities.   The difference is that dogs hide their pain well due to their innate survival instincts, as showing pain in the wild is considered a weakness.   So it is up to us to watch out for any changes in our dog's behaviour and monitor their ability in performing their every day activities. 

Along with injuries and issues to the muscles, the ageing process can also affect the soft tissues of the body.   As your dog grows older you may see them slow down, have difficulties with getting in and out of their bed, climbing up and down the stairs and struggle to walk the distances they once used to.   Your dog may also suffer with Arthritis affecting their general mobility. 


Therapeutic Canine Massage can help to address these symptoms.   By identifying issues in the musculoskeletal system and rehabilitating Soft Tissue Injuries and imbalances in the body, the muscular system is directly influenced.  With the skilled application of specific massage techniques that solely benefit your dog and their soft tissues, massage will enable your dog to function at their full and individual potential once again.    

Canine Massage won't be able to turn your older dog into a puppy again, but it will certainly be able to:


  • Increase their mobility
  • Ease tight and sore muscles 
  • Improve their ability to exercise which in turn will help with any weight issues
  • Provide pain relief from conditions such as Arthritis
  • Help them to rest and sleep effectively, which in turn will positively influence their immune system, aiding with flushing out metabolic waste and toxins

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