Canine Therapeutic Massage Muscles Injury Strain Rehabilitation Trigger Points
Canine Therapeutic Massage Muscles Injury Strain Rehabilitation Trigger Points

Keeping your Dog in Motion


Canine Rebalance specialises in Remedial Therapeutic Massage, a hands on manipulative therapy that rehabilitates and supports soft tissue within the dogs’ musculoskeletal system.  This complimentary therapy is a drug free form of pain relief for your dog and you often see outstanding results within 1-3 treatments.

Soft tissues are those tissues surrounding and connecting bones and joints.  These are primarily muscles, tendons, ligaments and fasciaSoft Tissue Injuries, manifest themselves as Sprains, Strains and Trigger Points (those horrible tight knots we get in our muscles). These can all be incredibly debilitating for your dog; symptoms of which you may see as lameness, stiffness and/or slowing down.


Canine Rebalance is owned and run by Kirsti Dix a highly qualified Canine Massage Therapist with an in depth knowledge of the Canine Anatomy and Physiology.  She is fully trained in four disciplines of massage, is fully insured and an Associate Member of the The Institute of Registered Veterinary and Animal Physiotherapists.

Canine Rebalance


  • Rehabilitates and provides relief to Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Supports Orthopaedic Conditions such as Arthritis and Hip Dysplasia
  • Helps improve and maintain athletic performance for the young, active, Sporting and Working Dog
  • Provides pain management
  • Increases mobility and flexibility issues that come with old age
  • Reduces the risk of future injury
  • Improves post operative recovery times


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The Agility Dog and Therapeutic Canine Massage
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