Canine Therapeutic Massage Muscles Injury Strain Rehabilitation Trigger Points
Canine Therapeutic Massage Muscles Injury Strain Rehabilitation Trigger Points


What is Therapeutic Canine Massage?


Therapeutic Canine Massage is hands on remedial manipulation for the soft tissues of the dogs musculoskeletal system.  These soft tissues are the muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia.   


There are 700 muscles which pull on the 320 (approximately) bones of the dog's body. It is these muscles that enable your dog to move.  Muscles account for 45% of your dog's bodyweight and, when considering the extensive and complex muscular system, it is no wonder that dogs are just as prone to soft tissue injury and issues as much as we are.


Therapeutic Canine Massage aims to improve and benefit the health of your dog's muscles and soft tissues by rehabilitating muscular injuries and issues that restrict their range of motion, hinder their movement and affect posture, which in turn causes pain. 

Canine Massage utilises four disciplines of massage therapy; Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release, and combines these with Advanced Canine Anatomy knowledge.


Canine Massage works by:

  • Releasing and rehabilitating sore and stiff muscles 
  • Removing debilitating tight knots (known as Trigger Points) which cause referred pain
  • Rehabilitating and breaking down restrictive scar tissue, which  the body naturally lays down as a result of a Strain
  • Reducing and alleviating pain and discomfort
  • Resolving mobility issues that  your dog may have on a day to day basis

Please refer to Symptoms you may see in your Dog which may indicate that your dog will benefit from Therapeutic Canine Massage.

In addition to benefitting the superficial layers of soft tissue, massage can also have a very positive influence on the deeper tissues of the body such as: the lymphatic system (helps to rid the body of toxins); the organs; the digestive system; the circulatory system; the skin and the nervous system.


The majority of dogs will benefit from Therapeutic Canine Massage from Ageing to Sporting dogs, to dogs with a Soft Tissue Injury to dogs suffering with Neurological and Orthopaedic Conditions.  It will also benefit dogs who suffer with nervousness and anxiety.   Canine Massage is a safe, complimentary therapy for your dog.  You will often see outstanding results within 1-3 treatments.  

Therapeutic Canine Massage encourages the body to renew and regenerate and provides a drug free form of pain relief for your dog.


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